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Where is your loved one?

Is your family fractured due to Addiction, Mental Illness, Death, Social Media, or Other reason? 

This seems to be a common thread in today's therapy. I  specialise in helping those who are estranged from their family members, or loved ones. I hear this day in and day out. It could be a parent who cannot find their child due to addiction, mental illness, homelessness, religious cults, social media, or a number of things. What could be keeping that estranged family convinced that they have to be away from their family with no contact? Or, even a child is estranged from their parents. The parents won't have anything to do with them. These families come to me in pain and confusion. They feel scared and lost and desperate. I am here to help you.


This can lead the family into a deep sense of grief.  I was recently in a meeting with a large number of people. The speaker asked, "Please, stand up, if you have an estranged family member, you may not know where they are, or they have blocked you from their life."  Half of the room stood up. I was shocked.


Often times we do not realise where our grief originated? Is it from a loved one disappearing in some way, through sickness, addiction, death, or just dropped out. You may find some grief relief in your counseling experience. 


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