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How to Select the Right Rehab

Who needs to goes to Rehab?

According to the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: those who seek help from going to a rehab: 37% Alcohol, 34% Illicit Drug Use, 24% for Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use.  (Many think that Alcohol is not a drug but heavy drinking is the third leading preventable cause of death in the USA.)

Questions to Ask Rehab?

Fees: Do they have a sliding fee scale? What is the refund policy if the patient decides to relapse or leave early? Ideally, you should only be charged for services used and you should be reimbursed for unused services. Get an itemized list of ALL services. 

Staff: Are the staff licensed though the state's licensing bureau? It is easy to look this information up. I highly recommend rehabs with licensed professionals. 

Program: Is it a cookie-cutter program? Does everyone get the same program? Research show the greatest success rates with an individualized program and not a cookie-cutter program specifically designed for your patient. I shy away from programs that just take clients to 12 Step meetings, or all of their programing comes from the BIG BOOK of Alcoholic Anonymous. I think a good program has lots of different therapy choices run by licensed professionals, such as; cognitive therapy, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, psychodrama, recreational therapy, individual and group therapy, spiritual coaching, etc. Make sure it has a clinical approach to treatment. 

Family Program: Because addiction recovery is a family recovery process, I strongly recommend rehabs with a strong family program. Research shows that the patients who succeed in their recovery are the ones with the highest level of family involvement. (families who attend family program and Alanon)

What is their Success Rate?  Does the rehab conduct studies measuring their success?

Here are some good questions to ask:

How many patients drop out of treatment? 
How long is a typical stay?
How many complete the program?

Finding a good rehab is a challenge, but there are many excellent rehabs, and, I know many individuals who went through rehab and are still sober and clean today.  

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