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Lost: The Story of the Gospel

I am crying out to the churches. Why have you forsaken the gospel? I go from church to church, searching for a cross in their sanctuary or a Bible class. Nothing.

Is the gospel boring? Is it more fun and attractive to sell “signs and wonders”? Anyone can call themselves a preacher when selling “signs and wonders”. Anyone can be a coach selling “hope’. Or, how about these deliverance ministries? What happens to the demons they expel?

My focus is not on miracles of Christ. Personally, Christ is not a vending machine, as some treat him with a rationalization. You ask and he pops out your new car or new job or new house. Oh my!

It is time to bring the CROSS back into the church. Yes, the suffering of Christ on the CROSS. The tragedy and heart break the Lord must have felt when he was on the CROSS and he looked out at the crowds. He saw many who he prayed with, prayed for, healed and comforted. Now, only to see them watching in silence, not saying a word, not defending the Lord as the Romans pieced nails into his hands. Some even agreeing with the soldiers by throwing food and garbage at the LORD hanging on the CROSS.

Only a few stood up for the LORD. Begging the soldiers to stop.

Remember. Christ in the centre. Mankind is not the most important thing he created. Christ created us for him. We are to comfort him in his suffering as he watches his creation being seduced by evil.

What matters is the gospel of Jesus Christ. He became human to redeem us. Even the angels acknowledge this fact. The writers of the New Testament states Christ came to redeem mankind and only mankind.

Humanity is unique. We are the prodigal sons. Jesus leads us back to the family of GOD. He did not come here to save the Aliens from other planets, he came to save MANKIND.

In the Garden of Eve, we fell out of the family of GOD. Jesus came here to redeem us back to his family. Redeem means to be bought. Jesus paid his life for mankind.

Please, church, bring the CROSS back into your sanctuary. Let us focus our eyes back on our KING JESUS CHRIST. Stand tall for the LORD, and, rebuke the false prophets, and, feel-good churches.

Being reborn means to me: the resurrection. I believe in redemption, resurrection, reconciliation, and restoration. We are the second Adam. It is not about going to heaven. It is about being restored as a family member of GOD.

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