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Jesus is my “first love”

Jesus is my “first love”. I am the bride for the Savior and He comes to take His bride if

she will let him in. As his bride, we are devoted to Him, and, humbly we serve Him and comfort Him. Jesus has created a contract, a legal agreement written in heaven with those who put the LORD first. In Mathew 9:15, Jesus calls himself the “Bridegroom”. We, believers, are the chosen ones or “ the Bride”. In return he dwells in us and teaches us how to truly LOVE. It is possible to lose the ONE who has drawn near to us. The Lord can depart from us if our love for HIM grows cold. He will only live in hearts that love Him. Only, there does He dwell. Our goal is to be as close as possible to the LORD KING JESUS.

We must acknowledge the cross and pray on the suffering He endured and continues to endure by seeing the sin in the world. The Lord creates an undivided, mutually agreed upon contract. To gain eternal life means giving up everything for Him. The bride is the comforter for the LORD. To elevate his pain. We are here for Him, more than He is there for us. It is more what I can do for the LORD instead of what the LORD can do for me.

How can I comfort Him?

He asks very little of us except to give up everything for Him. Psalms 69:20 “ Their insults have broken my heart and I am in despair. If only one person would show some pity, if only one person would turn and comfort me”. HE lets us know we are no longer alone. HE is with us always. HE wants us to make room for him so he can dwell in our hearts at all times.

  1. The way we do this is thru worship, song, praise, reading the word, meditation and prayer.

  2. Take one day a week and devote your time to the Lord in silence and exclusivity.

  3. It is the “grace of repentance “ that will open our eyes to see our saviour and prepare us for fellowship. Giving up wrong company and activities.

  4. Forgiveness of other’s sins is the true source of radical love. Open your hearts wide.

  5. Let the LORD shape your life.

  6. Do not tolerate anything that would diminish your love for JESUS or withdraw love from you.

  7. Do not tolerate negative attitude towards any person.

  8. Do not tolerate false attachment to people and things.

  9. Resist temptation to go you own way.

  10. Be on guard of losing his love for you. I am here for the LORD.

I am to surrender and give all to Him. Trust Him and He will give me wisdom. We are here for Him. We are to be humble, and, feel the suffering He felt and feels today. I stop insisting on my way, and, pray for His guidance, His will, and His grace. To love and forgive, to be discerning, to be around GOD loving people. To meditate on the CROSS, to share as a bride would share with her mate, to totally surrender and trust Him.

I will follow His directions and meditate on the cross, grieving with the LORD for those who sin deliberately. Grieve with Him for those who hate and mock Him. Constantly, thank Him for His suffering. I share as a bride of the bridegroom. I will surrender my will and wishes over to Him and trust Him. To be more discerning on who I allow in my life and to make more room for the LORD.

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