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Creating Drama in a World of Chaos-Controlling the Narrative in your Head

Oxymoron of Family Behavior

Family Members Surprise You

The flaws of the family structure become apparent during the Pandemic of the “Virus”.

I never knew my husband until I had to stay in the house with him, this last month, 24/7. It was easy to live with him when we both worked all day. Who is this man? Well, recently, I discovered that he is really funny. We never laughed when we were both working. In those days, everyday was like walking on a treadmill that would not stop….until, the pandemic. Now, we have time to actually watch a movie together and laugh hysterically at the ridiculous plot. I never knew he was so much fun.

The family who I thought was distant is there to support me every minute, and the ones who I thought were my closest allies want nothing to do with me. And, then, there is the family member who is “giving me the silent treatment," for some cumulation of behaviors that I am unsure of. The lack of contact is a true form of drama. As if there was not enough “Drama” in the world.

Mixed Messages-Media vs. Reality

I look out my window and I see a young boy running down the street, laughing and playing. Does he not know what is going on in the world? What kind of world is this for him in the future?

I see people at the beach, the crowds that ignore the “stay at home directive”. Do they have the right idea? Am I wrong to obey the directive? There is a myriad of YouTuber's who have a solution for your “fear"..... everyone has an opinion. I look at the conspiracy theorists and then to the religious programs, ranging from meditation is the answer to “this is the book of revelations playing out.” It is really confusing.

I think the most terrorizing thing, IS going to the supermarket. Now, they said, they would deliver. But I can’t find any available time slots. If we want to eat, we have to go to the supermarket. This is very disturbing. I can’t find everything I normally eat, so I have to go to 2-3 stores. Am I getting “infected” while I am at the store? They said do not wear a mask, but why do so many people around me have a mask on?

Now, they say, wear a mask. But there are no masks to buy.

Then there is the fear of running out of toilet paper, why do I care about toilet paper?

I try to remain calm. I know, .....I will go to the pool, it is warm today. I drive to the pool only to find it chained up and closed.

OK, you win, I will meditate. Do I have to meditate ALL day?

We are all trying so hard to make sense of this. I am receiving calls from other therapists, They are stressed out. They all want to talk, they are all terrorized by the fear from their clients.

What exactly is this fear?

Is it a fear of death? Is it a fear of suffering? Is it a fear of not dying? Is it a fear of never seeing a loved one again?

Who do I believe? I hear the media say we are all going to die? Then, I see a You Tube doctor say it is not that dangerous. The death rate is low compared to the population. What happened to the statistics of the people who die of Pneumonia every year. I can’t find 2019 stats on the CDC website. Are they including this number to be the “virus” numbers? But we have too many people on the planet. Are they culling the population? Is that good? Is that bad?

And, who are they?

Reality Created by Internal or External programing

Enough is enough. I am taking back control. I have survived being killed numerous times in my life and I have survived. This life I live is a gift from GOD. I cherish each moment I am alive and will continue to know that as I turn my life over to his care, HE is in charge, not me.

As for the person in my life, that is creating drama during this chaos.....well, I will watch in wonder and humor as they continue to process the static until they learn, that to truly love is to be present with another in the moment, without fear. When we are living safely in our own bodies, we can safely live with others.

We come, not from a place of reaction, but from a place of love. My ability to love expands during this time of chaos.

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