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Emotive Integration Therapy

What is Emotive Integration Therapy?

The goal of this therapy is to enable you to recognize and identify feelings that may have been repressed for a period of time. This technique teaches one how to release these emotions in a safe and supportive environment.  You will learn in a loving way, to accept adverse emotions, embrace them, and express them without fear of judgment from others. Feelings are released and processed out by opening blocks in the body that store feelings. Feelings are felt, expressed and integrated into a deeper healing of the body, mind and spirit. 

Perhaps, you are repressing feelings regarding an event or situation? By using the Emotive Integration Therapy technique, you may begin to recall the situation, identify, embrace, integrate, and transform the suppressed feelings into permanent healing by activating the emotions to be processed physically and verbally.


Who does this help?

Trauma recovery, unresolved grief, PTSD, blocked or repressed feelings, low self esteem, anxiety and panic disorders, fear and anger, guilt and shame, and substance abuse. 

What is a group like?

This therapy is comprised of breathing techniques, progressive and restorative relaxations, music and aromatherapy, guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, and group psychotherapy.






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