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Couples Educational Package

Couples Educational Sessions 
Getting the Love You Want
Consist of 5 sessions
These are educational sessions designed for the couple to understand each other on a deeper level. 
Learn new communication skills to break destructive cycles.
Learn new tools to bring passion and romance back into the marriage.

Secrets of having a great relationship

  • Learn new communication skills that promote compassion, respect, kindness
  • Learn to be an advocate for your partners separate identity
  • Honor your partners boundaries
  • Open your heart and connect with your partner
  • Be present with each other
  • Comfort your partner
  • Accept your partner just as they are


How does the program work?

Session 1 & 2:    Each person meets individually

Session 3 & 4:    Communication exercise

Session 5:             Couples Summary


How much does it cost?

$200 per session (if paid per session), or $750 in advance for all 5 sessions.  (Health insurance does not reimburse for this service.)


11 Mareblu, Suite 240, Aliso Viejo, California 92656

Reserve your space: 1-949-249-8888


A very structured approach to get to the bottom-line in a relationship. 
Effective and useful tools that you can leave with and use in your relationship. 
Will enhance your love for each other. 














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