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Contemplative Psychotherapy

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What is Contemplative Psychotherapy?

Contemplative psychotherapy is based the assumption that you are basically healthy. Each person has an inherent wisdom, optimism, awareness and compassion. Being present and in the moment. A contemplative psychotherapist facilities the process of being present in your body; “What sensations do you notice in your body?” Unlike, psychoanalysis, we are less interested in what went wrong in the past or who was to blame, but how the past story manifests into your present situation. We acknowledge that there is pain and suffering, yet, what really matters is how we react to these stimuli. We pay attention less to the content and more to the present moment. Often times, the psychotherapist will pick up the feelings from the client; discuss this realization, which dissipates the feelings. There is no right or wrong, this is a very non-judgmental compassionate approach to therapy.

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